Binaural Productions

Lucie is a specialist in 3D sound for all formats: radio, fiction, documentary, sound postcard, soundscape, performance … She record in binaural with her dummy head KU 100 or by puting the microphones into her ears. Thanks to specific plugins, she mixes soundtracks for listening with headphones or speakers. Find here some Lucie’s binaural productions.

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On this website, listening with headphones is strongly recommended!

Live performance

100% binaural flutes

Flutes and compositions : Jean-Mathias Petri
Binaural design : Lucie Hardoin
Gathered around a strange capturing head, the various flutes of Jean Mathias Petri take you on a dreamlike and surprising trip. At her side, Lucie Hardoin realizes this flight with the help of binaural spatialization tools, developed by IRCAM and FLUX, making the sound closer to its perception by the human ear.


Living in New York

Directed by: Lucie Hardoin
This first episode is part of a series of New York soundscapes mixing interviews, sounds and images with a view to view the image as “trompe l’oreille” with a few points of meeting here and there.

PHONOGRAPHIC MEMORY, an immersif poetry series about Léo Ferré (WORK IN PROGRESS)

“My artistic approach in this project was born out of my passion for sound and my admiration for the work of Léo Ferré.

I chose a first text entitled “Of all colors” for the relevance of the words used in this poem sung as well as the relationship to colors that will be evoked by sounds.

Thanks to my friends who accept to put them voice on this project, to Jean Mathias Pétri for flutes, to cli “D anché” a quatuor of clarinet, to Alan Madec for the accordion, to Curtis Hasselbring for the trombone.

Thrill Tunnel

This piece is composed with binaural soundscapes and monophonic sounds, it was realized for the “Brest 2008” event in order to put in sound the tunnel that connects the castle and the commercial port.


Where does jazz go?

Jazz enthusiasts, we went to New York where we spent 3 months filming concerts and interviewing emblematic musicians of the avant-garde scene. With more than 60 hours of image and sound (about thirty concerts and about twenty interviews), we started the post-production phase of the project in January 2005: video tape editing, mixing of audio recordings, translation and subtitling interviews … and finally we realised four 52-minute documentaries.

Extracts from “Four seasons”

Directed by Pauline Burguin and produced by 5J Production

Blues de poullaouen

Improvisation one evening at “Quaicaillerie” in Poullaouen, research work of the musicians, protagonists of the film. Sequence mounted from the binaural sound recording with various images taken in Poullaouen. Memories…

Extracts from “Four seasons”

Directed by Pauline Burguin and produced by 5J Production




Compositions and sound recording: Jean Mathias Petri
Mixing in binaural synthesis: Lucie Hardoin

Tete perc & souffles inverse

Compositions and sound recording: Jean Mathias Petri
Mixing in binaural synthesis: Lucie Hardoin

Sound recording

Walking the laundry

In collaboration with the association feuilles en herbe, vert le jardin et triporteur.
A 3D soundtrack in an installation in the laundry of rue Conseil in the st martin district in Brest.

The device

With Heddy Boubaker, “prepared” alto saxophone and objects. Benjamin Maumus recording, sound processing and layout, Lemur.
3D sound extract of a 4 hands performance in the middle of a system of diffusion in hexaphony at Pannonica in Nantes

Sound postcard

Shared gardens

This production, composed exclusively of sound recorded in binaural, was realized for the forum of the shared gardens that took place in Brest in November 2007. The shared gardens are gardens put in place among others by the association “Vert le Jardin” in various neighborhoods of Brest with the aim of creating a social link between the inhabitants of the neighborhoods by allowing them to meet and exchange around a piece of garden.