Lucie Hardoin

Sound Engineer,
specialized in binaural technologies

Binaural Technologies

On this website, using headphones is strongly recommended!

With binaural, you can listen to the world in 3D. Let yourself be immersed in a unique sound experience. Lucie creates compositions using binaural recording techniques and synthetic binaural plugins, and leads workshops to explore and discover new binaural technologies. She can also support you in your own 3D sound projects (advice, writing, sound recording, mixing, binaural synthesis …)

Binaural Sound Travelogue

3D sound travelogue all around the world


Binaural Production

Documentary, sound postcard, fiction…


Workshop & animation

Workshop about 3D sound technologies

Son à l'image

Sound engineer

Film / TV and editing.




Mixing images on live musical and poetic performances.



In Film and sound School.




Rental sound equipment for film / TV shooting.